Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Seed Management Service to Store your Seed Data

Seeds are the lifeline of any gardener. A good seed collection is the most vital aspect towards enjoying a healthy and colorful garden. If you have a healthy and productive seed then almost half of your problems are solved. But having a good seed collection is not everything if you do not know how to organize them.
Farmers around the globe face this mammoth problem of saving and organizing their seeds and using/ sorting them out at the hour of need. In old times, gardeners used to keep a record of their collection of seeds by writing them in a note book or diary. As the technology progressed and computers became a part of the daily life routine, the gardeners shifted from notebooks to spread sheets in order to save their seeds data.
Although spread sheets were very easy to handle and solved most of the problems of these gardeners, but still there were some limitations attached with them. In order to use them in a perfect manner, you are supposed to be a computer geek and must know how to use various formulae, etc. And believe me not everyone can do it without mistakes.
I have been thinking over the past months; how to solve this problem but could not come out with any brilliant ideas. Yesterday I came across a magnificent Seed Management Service to solve the issue. It’s a computerized database which keeps record of your seeds in the most befitting manner without any requirement of learning any technical skills. All you must know is how to use the computer?
Benefits of  Farmers and gardeners can keep a record of their stored seeds in this software to swap seeds, give away or to use for reseeding. I used the software and found it to be extremely helpful and accommodating. Some of the benefits which can be attained from it are as follows:-
  • Record of the seed collection can be maintained very easily and conveniently.
  • You can sort out your seeds in different manners like seed type, date of storage, etc.
  • You can store all data at one place and there will be no need to keep a notebook.
  • You can still keep your seeds in small, air-tight containers and keep them in a store but you will not be required to open them again and again to count them. Open your database and your collection will be in front of you.
  • Since your database is online, therefore you will be able to access your seed collection from any place on Planet Earth.
  • No one else can see your data as it is 100% Private.
  • Above all, this service is absolutely FREE to use and there is NO COST involved.
So go ahead and try out this free service at “I Save Seeds”. Please also feel free to leave comments about the service in the comments section under this post.

Happy Farming

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