Thursday, November 26, 2009

What are Farmville Storage Buildings???

After a long wait, Farmville has finally released the Storage Buildings:

What can the Storage Buildings Do?
The Farmville Storage Buildings can store miscellaneous items for you.

What is the Purpose of Storage Buildings?
Storage Buildings are obviously for storing items. They can help you in saving space on your farm and keeping unique decoration items/ buildings, etc for future display.

How many items can be stored?
At a time, you can store 30 different items in different storage buildings as per their capacity mentioned in the game. There is a word that this limit has been increased to 100 items lately.

Which buildings hold the maximum items?
Pink Barn and Pink Tool Shed can store 35 items each.

How to Store Items inside the Buildings?
  • Click on the item to be stored and click on "Store".
  • The Item will be stored at a central location, which will depend on the number of Storage Buildings available at your farm.
  • At present items can be stored inside Barns and Tool Sheds.
  • You can access the stored items by clicking on any barn, tool shed or by clicking the new storage icon (Mixed with Gift Box Button) in the right bottom corner of the game screen.
The Official Farmville Word says:-
"We've heard some of you are feeling a bit cramped on your farm. FarmVille is proud to introduce STORAGE! Now you can decorate to your heart's content while knowing that you have a place to store your stuff. By the way, have you seen the new Country Fair items? Check 'em out and see why the sheep are having such a blast!"

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