Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best-Ever Farmville Cheat/ Glitch: Play Farmville Faster Than Ever

One of my personal favorite and a 1000% legal Farmville cheat is here for you. Although most of my friends and Farmville players know this and already follow it but still there are many who are ignorant.

What Can This Farmville Cheat Do?
This simple Farmville cheat or Farmville glitch can help you in faster plowing, faster seeding and faster harvesting.You will be able to plow, seed and harvest much more faster than you do now.

How Does It Work?
All you have to do is to TRAP your cute farmer inside ANYTHING at the middle of your farm - and by anything I mean anything.You can trap him by using Hay Bales, Fences, Animals, Buildings, and even topiaries. :)

What Do You Achieve?
When you trap your farmer in the middle then your farmer does not have to go to the fields physically to plow, seed or harvest them. A lot of your precious time will be saved in this way.

How to Perform this Farmville Cheat?
  • When you open the Farmville Application, you see your farmer standing in the middle of the fields. Let him stand and put a square of Haybales or fences around him.
  • And you are Done!!! So Simple.
  • You will be required to correct the setting of the square when you upgrade your farm to a bigger size, just because the CENTER field is changed.
  • Re-do Step-1 once and enjoy for ever - till you expand your farm again.
Check these pictures for an idea on how to do this cool Farmville Cheat:

You can use Hay Bales to trap your farmer like this:

A friend of mine has even used an innovative method by trapping the farmer inside topiaries as:

Or you can make an enclosure for you and your visiting friends to relax and enjoy while plowing, seeding and farming takes place:

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