Friday, November 6, 2009

Farmville Garden Shed is here for you - Another Useful Building

Farmville Garden Shed is the next useful building after Farmville Dairy Farms which has been released by the Farmville Developers.

How can you buy a Farmville Garden Shed?
You can buy a Farmville Garden Shed for 30,000 Farm coins (if you have at least 10 Neighbors) or 30 Farm Cash from the Farmville Market after the feature is available for you.

What can you store inside Farmville Garden Shed?
You can store your Farmville "Perfect Bunch" inside the Farmville Garden Shed. To read more about the Farmville Giftable Flowers "Perfect Bunch" click on the link.

How many "Perfect Bunches" can you store inside the Farmville Garden Shed?
You can store up to 30 "Perfect Bunches" inside a Farmville Garden Shed.

Zynga Community Manager, Lexilicious, says:
"Hey Farmers!

We're very happy to announce that flowers are now giftable!
Please note that this feature is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users. 
When Harvesting Flower crops, there is a chance that you will receive a "Perfect Bunch", as indicated by small text that will appear above your avatars head.
If you do not have a Garden Shed, once you receive a "Perfect Bunch", you will see a pop-up that allows you to post the Bouquet to your feed. Just like Lonely Animals, one of your friends can click on this feed, and receive your Bouquet as a decoration that can be placed on their farm.
If you do have a Garden Shed, you have the ability to store your "Perfect Bunches" in it. Garden Sheds are purchasable for 30,000 Coins and 10 Neighbors, or 30 Farm Cash.
Your Garden Shed can hold up to 30 Perfect Bunches. To share the Perfect Bunches that you have stored in your Garden Shed with your Neighbors, simply click the Garden Shed to open it.
Once you have opened it, select the number of Perfect Bunches you would like to share (you can select up to 5 of one type of Flower). A pop-up will then allow you to post a feed on your wall. Depending on the number of Bunches you choose to share, the corresponding amount of your friends can click on this feed, and receive your Bouquet as a decoration that can be placed on their farm.
You can also take Perfect Bunches out of your Garden Shed and place them on your own Farm as decorations.
We hope you enjoy this new feature Farmers!"


Anonymous said...

what if you had a perfect bunch to pop up but didn't have the pop up for the garden shed

Anonymous said...

in my farmville it doesn't exist

Becca said...

I clicked to accept a friend’s bouquet, and I got the bouquet and the option to click on an icon on my Farmville page to buy the garden shed. I didn’t have enough coins right then (I’d just expanded) so I harvested all my crops and then had enough coins. But the option to buy was gone!!!! That’s really unfair, I had no idea how much it was before I clicked on it, and I certainly didn’t know my option would be gone!

Claudia said...

When I remove the flowers from the gift box, the garden shed will not accept any of them for storage. I have tried every angle I can find to try to get some kind of attachment to the shed. It shows 0/30 , bu twill not open. What now?????

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