Friday, November 13, 2009

Farmville Farm Expansion 22x22 has been RELEASED!!!

Farmville has finally fulfilled the desire of many farmers and today they have released the Farmville Farm Expansion 22 x 22. You can immediately go to your market and upgrade your farrm to 22 x 22 fields by spending only

My News feed is already filled with people hitting the Farmville 22 x 22 Expansions like these:-

I don't know how long they will take to release the 24 x 24 Farmville Expansion, because there is never enough room for so many upcoming decorations and other items.
I NEED 100 x 100 Space. It will suffice for some time, at least ;)

You can read more about "Farmville Chicken Coop" , "Farmville Adult Turkey - Latest Lost Animal" and "Latest Version of Sweet Seeds of Haiti" by clicking on the links.

Official Farmville Word says:

"Time for some breathing room! The 22x22 Land Expansion is here at last along with the all new Chicken Coop! Chicken Coops are a fun way to store your chickens and give your friends some cool stuff. If you're lucky, you might even get a new Mystery Egg! We’ve also released the next version of Sweet Seeds for Haiti, whic...h previously raised more than $575,000 for charity. Check it out Farmers!"

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