Thursday, November 26, 2009

Farmville Colored Eggs - Details

Here is a little guide about the colorful eggs on your favorite Farmville.

Can I keep the colored egg which I find in Farmville?
No! You can not keep the colored egg. If you find one of the colored eggs, then you can only post it to your feed for your friends to hatch them.

How can I get Colored Eggs at Farmville?
You can hatch an egg when any of your friends finds them and posts them in their feed. Just click on "Hatch the Egg" and discover the contents.

How can you get colored Chickens including Golden/ Black/ Brown Chickens?

You can get the colored chickens from the following eggs:-
  • White Chicken always lays White Egg ---- Which can be hatched to get White or Brown Chicken
  • Brown Chicken always lays Brown Egg ---- Which can be hatched to get Brown or Black Chicken
  • Black Chicken always lays Black Egg ---- Which can be hatched to get Black or Golden Chicken
  • Golden Chicken always lays Golden Egg ---- Which can be hatched to get Gold Chicken only
All the eggs can also hatch to give you some unique/ common items.

What other known items can be found from Colored Eggs?
Following items can also be found from the colored eggs apart from the chickens mentioned above:-
  • Common White Mystery Egg
    •  Garden Gnome
    • Pink Flamingo
  • Uncommon Brown Mystery Egg
    • 1 Fuel Refill
  • Rare Black Mystery Egg
    •  10 Fuel Refills
  • Treasured Golden Mystery Egg
    • Fire Pit
    • Tree Swing
    • Hot Tub
    • Golden Gnome
    • 20 Fuel Refills
Here is also a great Farmville tip or cheat to "Get the maximum out of your Chicken Coops".

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