Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farmville Cheat (100% Legal) to Earn "Pretty Garden Blue Ribbon" Quickly

Here I shall be sharing a small Farmville cheat which is 100% legal and is still working.
By using this Farmville cheat or Farmville glitch, you will be able to get the Farmville "Pretty Garden" Blue Ribbon in absolutely NO TIME. So follow the under-mentioned procedure to get the Blue ribbon and many XPs:-
  • Go to Farmville Market and buy a Garden Shed for 30,000 coins. Garden Shed consists of 10 flower bouquets and gives you 300 XPs for purchasing it.
  • Put these 10 flower bouquets on the farm.
  • Now simply SELL your Garden Shed.
  • Buy a new Garden Shed from Farmville Market and repeat the first three steps.
  • After repeating Steps 1-3 four more times, you will be left with 50 flower bouquets on your farm and you will get a "Pretty Garden Blue Ribbon"............
  • .....But this is not all, you will get 1500 XPs for buying 5 Garden Sheds plus 250 XPs for the Blue Ribbon ............. apart from the XPs which you get for yellow, white and red ribbons. :)
 So you can get all this by spending 150,000 Coins in total.
You must be quick before the Farmville Developers fix this cool yet LEGAL Farmville cheat.

So get this beautiful scene in NO TIME:

From such a drastic view:

Click on the link to read more about "Farmville Pretty Garden Ribbon"


Anonymous said...

Is this still working? Don't want to sell my shed if I can't get another...the market says limit 1?

Darrell said...

I guess they fixed it.

Janis said...

Same thing happened to me... followed the instructions, but once I bought the second shed it was empty. No more cheat for the Pretty Ribbon. Boo.

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