Thursday, November 12, 2009

Farmville's Latest Announcement about Fall Items - 11 Nov 09

Finally on Nov 11' 2009, Farmville has announced the arrival of much-awaited Baby Turkey, about which I gave you an update along with a picture of Baby Turkey (Click to view) on Nov 7, 2009. So the rumors were some what true but where is the Adult Turkey - Do you think that it will also be coming near Christmas or the Baby turkey will grow and become an adult???

Farmville Says:
"Fall is finally here, and just in time for the arrival of the Baby Turkey! It looks like he has also brought along some new Limited Edition items for you all to gobble up. In addition, we've released an improved Mystery Box full of items you're sure to love, including a White Owl and 30 Fuel Refills. And finally, in ho...nor of Veteran's Day, the American Flag will be a giftable item for a limited time. Happy Farming!"

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