Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are your options when a friend gifts you a Chicken Coop???

A Chicken Coop can be bought from the Farmville Market but at the same time you can send or receive them as gifts from your Farmville Neighbors. BUT at present there is a limit of only ONE chicken Coop per farm ---- So, what options do you have for the Chicken Coop????

In fact you have two options only as follows:-
  • Your first option is that you can sell your old Chicken Coop for 250 coins and then accept the gift but it is not likely because you will first have to remove all your chicks and place them on your farm.
  • Your 2nd option is that when you have a Chicken Coop at your farm and you accept one from your friend then you will get a Chicken instead of a Chicken Coop --- So Better LESS than NOTHING.......  Be content with a Chicken only :)

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