Friday, November 6, 2009

Ask or Beg your Neighbors to Fertilize your crops

If you are at bad terms with your Farmville neighbors ...... then Farmville gives you an exciting opportunity to get extra XPs...........
Now you can literally BEG or ASK your Farmville friends/neighbors to fertilize your crops using SUPER GROW Fertilizer.
How to Beg for Super Grow Fertilization?
You can click on the new button added under your farm's name like "John's Farm" in top right corner of Farmville game screen (See the picture below).

Now you will see a pop up screen to spread the WORD.....

Your Farmville neighbors and other friends will see a feed item depicting you as begging/ asking (whatever you prefer ;)  ) to fertilize your crops as below:-

When your friends help you one of the below feed item will be posted to their friends' news feed

OR sometimes you can see it as:

Isn't it interesting???
After all you will come to know that WHO ALL have responded to your request??? And of course that WHO ALL are the culprits....... ;)

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