Thursday, November 5, 2009

Farmville Expansions (20x20) and (22x22) are on their way!!!

Hurrah!!! Farmville Expansions are on their way for all of you.
Are you the one who has been complaining lately for the lack of space at your Farmville farm??
Now you can relax! Farmville Big Ole Plantation and Farmville Mighty Plantation are arriving soon. This news comes to you as the status of the both expansions has been changed from "COMING SOON" to "LOCKED", which means that they will soon be UNLOCKED for some of at least.

At present these expansions are not open for anyone including players at 60+ levels.

1 comment:

rahul.saxena99 said...

can i know when is this 24x24 farm expansion coming ? please ?

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