Sunday, October 17, 2010

FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon Released

With the introduction of FarmVille Halloween Costumes, FarmVille has released yet another ribbon today - FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon.
How to get FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon?
You can earn this ribbon by buying costumes for your Farmer in the game.

What are the Requirements for various FarmVille Style Maven Ribbons?
You can get different colored ribbons by fulfilling the following requirements:-

  • Buy 5 Clothing Items  - Get Yellow Ribbon
  • Buy 10 Clothing Items  - Get White Ribbon
  • Buy 20 Clothing Items  - Get Red Ribbon
  • Buy 40 Clothing Items  - Get Blue Ribbon
How many Style Maven Ribbons have you earned so far? Any tricks on getting these ribbons faster?

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