Monday, March 8, 2010

FarmVille Pot of Gold Released for St Patrick's Day

Similar to FarmVille Holiday Tree and FarmVille Valentine Box, the Zynga Gods have released a new version of collectible items - FarmVille Pot of Gold.
You can now collect Gold sent by friends and put it in your FarmVille Pot of Gold.
Your friends can send you gold pieces in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! You can also trade the Gold pieces you receive for limited edition St. Patrick's Day and Spring decorations!
The gold pieces can be found in the shape of Gold Nugget, Gold Coin, Gold Bar, Gold Bear and Gold Chain.
You can also send all the above mentioned Gold items as gifts to your friends.

The prizes for redeeming 10, 20 and 30 Gold Pieces are Shamrock Sheep, Spring Flower Cart and Leprechaun Gnome respectively. The remaining three prizes have not been released so far.

Hopefully these prizes will be released anytime before March 17, 2010 as it is the St. Patrick's Day.

The close ups of these gifts are as under:-

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