Sunday, February 21, 2010

FarmVille Horse Power Ribbon Released

In a massive update on 19 Feb 2010, FarmVille has released yet another magnificent ribbon called "Horse Power".
How to get FarmVille Horse Power Ribbon?
To get Horse Power Ribbon, you have to do following:-
  • After completing your horse stable, you will earn "Consumables Buffs" while collecting from the horses inside the stable.
  • Although its not 100% clear but it is widely believed that "Consumable Buffs" mean all of the following:-
    • FarmVille Arborist
    • FarmVille FarmHands
    • FarmVille 100 XPs
  • All of the above three items are currently being rewarded as a reward when collecting from your horse stables.
How many "Consumable Buffs" are required for Various Ribbons? 
To get various colored FarmVille Horse Power Ribbon, you will be required to get the following number of "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stables:-
  • To Earn Yellow Ribbon: Collect 5 "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stable
  • To Earn White Ribbon: Collect 25 "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stable 
  • To Earn Red Ribbon: Collect 50 "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stable  
  • To Earn Blue Ribbon: Collect 100 "Consumable Buffs" from your Horse Stable

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