Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FarmVille Teal and Red Mystery Box Revealed

FarmVille Teal and Red Mystery Box was released (without any notice) on 15 Feb 2010.
The Mystery Box costs 16 FV like all previous ones. You can buy Teal and Red Mystery Box for your farm from FarmVille Market. It is available for next 8 days.
Following prizes have been confirmed so far to be revealed from FarmVille Teal and Red Mystery Box:-
  • Lake + 500 XP
  • Bed and Breakfast (building) + 450 XP
  • Pinto Horse + 300 XP
  • 10 Fuel Refills + 200 XP
  • Acai Tree + 150 XP
Are these prizes worth spending 16 FV Farm Cash? Have you bought one? What did you find inside?


    Justin said...

    Well the lake cost 30 FV cash so yeah in a way I think it is, but I see your point. Everyone of those items can be found in the market place. So it's not like those are never before seen items.

    Cheema said...

    I believe that FarmVille Mystery Boxes and FarmVille Mystery Chests should contain items which are Mysterious.
    There is NO point in finding a 10 Fuel Refill after spending 16 FV when you can find 20 Fuel Refills from a Golden Mystery Egg FREE OF COST.

    What do others say?

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