Friday, February 25, 2011

FarmVille Teams up with AVG

FarmVille has teamed up with AVG to give players a free specialized biplane and three uses of Instant Grow with every purchase of AVG’s PC Tuneup 2011 software! All you need to do is play FarmVille and you may see this informational window pop up at the bottom of the display:

You can click on the Market and see a promotional card for AVG as well. Either way by clicking on it you will be shown this window:

FarmVille players can get a special discount on AVG’s PC Tuneup 2011—the normal $29.99 US retail price has been slashed to just $9.99! Once you purchase PC Tuneup 2011 through AVG, you’ll receive a special new AVG biplane and three free uses of Instant Grow.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, just click on “Visit AVG Now” and you’ll be taken to a special AVG web page with more information about this product and how to start the purchasing process. You have to go from FarmVille to this page in order to get the special offer. The purchase will take place on AVG’s website and is not controlled by Zynga or Facebook. Once this purchase process is complete, you’ll get a notice that you won the item.

Now you’ll need to refresh FarmVille (by reloading the game) and you’ll see a special pop-up notice saying you’ve gotten the biplane (if you don’t that’s okay, it’ll still be in your Gift Box). You can choose to place it on your farm now or wait until later (simply click on the Multi-Tool to keep it in your Gift Box for now).

Note that you can take advantage of this offer as many times as you want during the promotional period—you’ll receive a new special biplane and three more uses of Instant Grow per transaction (which means multiple purchases at the same time will not work, you will need to go back to FarmVille and go through the normal flow in order to get another biplane). Also note that you don’t have to use the AVG biplane to use the three free uses of Instant Grow; any of the biplanes will work with them just fine.

This special promotion with AVG is going to last for just one week and will end on Wednesday, March 2 at 9PM PST, so take advantage of it right now!

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