Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FarmVille Wishing Well Guide

UPDATE: FarmVille Wishing Well Prizes have been updated on 31 Mar 2011. Check them out HERE. However the Guide remains the same as below.

Here is the official FarmVille Wishing Well Guide for all of you.

Ever see a well where according to tradition you could toss in a coin and make a wish that would come true? Well, you now have one in FarmVille!

Simply place the Wishing Well on your farm, toss in a Lucky Penny or two, and complete collections to get a special reward!

Everyone will get the Wishing Well for free the first time they play after FarmVille updates, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Wishing Well on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later (by switching to the Multi-Tool for instance).

Once you place the Wishing Well click on it, and then choose “Look Inside” and the Wishing Well window will pop up. Every time you throw a Lucky Penny into the Wishing Well, something will pop back out, depending on which Collection you’re working on. You’ll start off with the St. Patrick’s Day Collection, which is Level 1. You’ll see there are six different items you’ll need to collect in order to complete the collection and move on to the next level. You won’t know which item will come out, however, as it’s totally random.

Everyone starts off with one Lucky Penny. Click on the green “Throw Lucky Penny” button at the center of the window to start. You’ll see the penny get tossed into the well and one of the six collection items pop back out. If you don’t have any Lucky Pennies, you’ll see two green buttons instead:

Here’s how you can give and receive Lucky Pennies:
  • Asking your neighbors directly for Lucky Pennies by clicking on “Ask For More”.
  • Give Lucky Pennies to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page.
  • Spending five (5) Farm Cash (click on the “Buy Pennies” button) for five (5) Lucky Pennies.
  • Possible extra Lucky Penny bonuses when you throw (these can also be shared).

Check marks will appear next to the boxes for those items you collect. Note that these are not actual in-game items that show up in the Gift Box or anything (in this fashion they work a lot like regular Collections). You can get multiple numbers of the same items, though you’ll get XP for each Lucky Penny toss you make.

Once you get all six items in that Collection, the “Throw Lucky Penny” button will grey out and the “Claim Reward” button at the lower right will appear underneath the Collection prize. Click the button to collect that prize (it’ll go into your Gift Box) and then you’ll move on to the next level. There are four Collection levels altogether.

Note you may also get a random bonus that can appear during a Lucky Penny toss. This bonus will show up in the Bonus box on the right, and usually consists of getting a few extra Lucky Pennies. The bonus is applied (one time only) as soon as you get it.

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