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FarmVille Valentine Count Down Guide

With Valentine season in full bloom, Master FarmVille brings this official FarmVille Valentine Count Down for all of you. You can also go through the beautifully decorated Valentine-Themed Farms here and here. You can get great ideas to decorate your own farms easily and conveniently.

Official FarmVille Valentine Count DOwn Guide
It’s time for the Valentines Countdown! For the next twelve days in a row play FarmVille and ask your neighbors for a special gift. Once you get all twelve you unlock a super-secret bonus prize! (For those of you who have seen the Winter Countdown, this works pretty much the same way.)
You can access the Valentines Countdown via a special icon on the right-hand side of the FarmVille display.

Just click on it and the Valentines Countdown window will open:

Here’s how it works: every day for twelve days in a row, starting February 10, you will have the ability to get a new item in the Countdown. As you can see in the image above, the first item available is the I Love You Stand. You acquire these items by clicking on the “Ask/Share” button.

From there you’ll be asked to make a post to your own wall asking for this item. If a neighbor or friend gives you this item, they’ll get one in return.

The criteria for acquiring that item of the day is met when you get the item from a neighbor or you get one by answering one of these feed posts. Each new day a new item will appear, and the process will start all over again.
What happens if I miss a day? you may inquire. That’s okay, you can catch up. For example, if I miss getting the first item on the first day, I see that I can still ask one of a number of particular friends for that item (click “Ask”), or I can just buy it outright for Farm Cash (the “Buy” button).

On the twelfth day all of the items will be visible. If you have received (by asking for or gifting to someone else, thereby getting one in return) all twelve items, the special bonus prize will unlock. The ability to acquire these items, as well as the special bonus prize, will remain for a few days after February 21 (the twelfth day), so even if you miss most of the days you still have a chance to catch up and unlock the special bonus prize.

You also have the option of buying the complete set ahead of time using Farm Cash. Just click on the “Complete Now” button at the bottom of the Valentines Countdown window and you’ll be asked to make the purchase for the appropriate amount of Farm Cash (which is the total accumulated Farm Cash cost of all of the items minus what you’ve already acquired).
Source: Official FarmVille Forums

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