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FarmVille Podcast - 18 Feb 2011

Here is the official FarmVille Podcast as released on 18 Feb 2011.

You can read  the entire Transcript of this week's podcast below:

FarmVille Podcast - Feb 18th!

Hey Farmers and welcome to this week’s installment of the Official FarmVille Podcast. My name is Stumpgrinder, and I am here to bring you the latest news and information about FarmVille from Zynga. This week we will be discussing our latest releases and give you all a sneak peak of what’s coming to FarmVille in the near future. 

On Thursday we released the Wishing Well, a cool new item that you can toss in a Lucky Penny, build up new special collections and redeem special rewards! Here’s how it works: the next time you play FarmVille after it updates you’ll get the Wishing Well for free. Since you’re automatically put into Placement Mode you can place the Wishing Well on your farm now, or simply choose to place it later by putting it in your Gift Box (just switch to the Multi-Tool to do this quickly).

Once you place the Wishing Well click on it, choose “Look Inside” and the Wishing Well window will pop up. Every time you throw a Lucky Penny into the Wishing Well, something will pop back out, depending on which Collection you’re working on. You’ll start off with the St. Patrick’s Day Collection, which is Level 1. You’ll see there are six different items you’ll need to collect in order to complete the collection and move on to the next level. You won’t know which item will come out, however, as it’s totally random.

Everyone starts off with one Lucky Penny. Click on the green “Throw Lucky Penny” button at the center of the window to start. You’ll see the penny get tossed into the well and one of the six collection items pop back out. If you don’t have any Lucky Pennies, you’ll see two other buttons instead: “Ask for More” and “Buy Pennies”.

Here’s how you can give and receive Lucky Pennies: Asking your neighbors directly for Lucky Pennies by clicking on “Ask For More”, giving Lucky Pennies to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page, and spending five (5) Farm Cash (click on the “Buy Pennies” button) for five (5) Lucky Pennies. There is also the possibility of getting extra Lucky Penny bonuses when you throw (which can also be shared).

Check marks will appear next to the boxes for those items you collect. Note that these are not actual in-game items that show up in the Gift Box or anything (they work a lot like ordinary collections). You can get multiple numbers of the same items, but you’ll only get XP for each Lucky Penny toss you make.

Once you get all six items in that Collection, the “Throw Lucky Penny” button will grey out and the “Claim Reward” button at the lower right will appear underneath the Collection prize. Click the button to collect that prize (it’ll go into your Gift Box) and then you’ll move on to the next level. There are four Collection levels altogether.

Note you may also get a random bonus that can appear during a Lucky Penny toss. This bonus will show up in the Bonus box on the right, and usually consists of getting a few extra Lucky Pennies. The bonus is applied (one time only) as soon as you get it.

Being a new feature we want to know what you think about the Wishing Well, so please tell us what you think in our Official FarmVille forums.

We wanted to remind everyone that the Valentine’s Countdown is going to be ending soon, so if you haven’t gotten your daily prizes yet be sure to play FarmVille and see which ones you are missing. Just click on the heart icon at the upper right-hand portion of the FarmVille window to see what’ve gotten and what you need to get.

In the last few weeks we’ve released a number of Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year Limited Edition theme items, and we’re currently releasing the much anticipated Fairy Tale theme which many of you really like. Speaking of which, we’re asking about your opinions about upcoming themes like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day in our Official Feedback forum, so be sure to stop by if you have a great idea!

Coming Soon Section
Now with news on what’s coming up in FarmVille. As some of you may have seen in the last few weeks, we’ve been teasing about the exciting FarmVille English Countryside feature via billboards and postcards in FarmVille and now we’re ready to reveal more.

With FarmVille English Countryside you’ll get the opportunity to start and play on a second farm, set in the English countryside. This farm will feature special soil which will help master your crops faster than ever before. In addition, the English countryside will be populated with friendly characters, like Agatha, your neighbor. They will help guide your play and present special activities and challenges. 

FarmVille English Countryside will grant you access to all new crops, buildings, and much more that we will be revealing soon. While players Level 20 and above will be able to get access to FarmVille English Countryside, you can help junior farmers prepare for their journey by sending them materials and teaching them how to make their visit. 

We want to thank everyone for their excitement and interest in FarmVille English Countryside. Our Facebook fan page reached 500,000 fans in just three days, and if you haven’t visited the fan page and Liked it, you should do so today because we’ll be running more updates from that the fan page starting next week!

And finally, in other news about what’s coming to FarmVille, be sure to build up your Greenhouse and save some seeds because we’ll have something for you to do with them soon. And stay tuned for a brand new promotion!
Alright folks, well that’s it from me this week! Again, my name is Stumpgrinder, and I would like to thank everyone for tuning in this week. Hopefully Lexilicious will be back on March 4th to bring you all of the latest news from around the farm. 

Happy Farming everybody!

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