Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WINNERS of "Master FarmVille Holiday Giveaway for All"

First of all I am extremely sorry for being out of sight for so long. Due to some domestic commitments, I could not get much time for my lovely blog. First of all, I am obliged to announce the results of the "Master FarmVille Giveaway for All" event and then I shall upload some recent updates in the game.
So, the Winners of the event are as under:-
  • Grand 1st Prize ::::: 650 FV Farm Cash ::::: Henry
  • 2nd Prize ::::: 310 FV Farm Cash ::::: John Sinclair
  • 3rd Prize ::::: 115 FV Farm Cash ::::: James Larsen
  • 4th Prize ::::: Any sendable item in FV Market upto 50 Farm Cash ::::: Urmila
  • 5th Prize ::::: Any sendable item in FV Market upto 20 Farm Cash ::::: angelalfonso821 
Congratulations to all the WINNERS. Our team will contact you through email or Facebook and your prizes will soon be with you.
Would you like Master FarmVille to offer another FV giveaway or start a contest next. Any ideas will be welcome!!!


Farmville Hack said...

That's awesome, very nice prizes. Congrats to the winners. Time to expand the old farm, eh?

John Sinclair said...

Thank u so much master. I have got my card numbers. You are awesome. When the next competition will start?

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