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FarmVille Guide for using Back Pack and Supplies to Help Children in Haiti

Here is the Official Zynga Guide for using FarmVille Back Pack and filling it with Supplies to help the needy children of Haiti.
The Haiti Campaign

Since October 2009 you have helped raise nearly $3 million for Haiti—money that proved to be especially needed in the weeks and months following the tragic earthquake in January 2010. Now you can help even more by helping building a new school for Haitian children, the L’Ecole De Choix (“The School of Choice”), in Mirebalais. Intended to meet the most pressing needs of those living in extreme poverty, the school will focus on quality education for the children of Central Plateau. How can you help?

You actually have two ways of helping out. You can help fill the Haiti Backpack with School Supplies, or you can give a direct donation and receive a permit to grow a special crop, Sweet Beets.

The Haiti Backpack

You'll receive the Haiti Backpack the first time you come back into FarmVille; you can choose to place it immediately on your farm or store it away from later (if you sell it, you can buy another in the Market for 1 coin). The Backpack needs to be filled with School Supplies, which can be acquired a number of ways: through the Free Gifts page, by asking for School Supplies via Facebook feed, by direct purchase of a pack of “5 Supplies” through the Market (for 5 Farm Cash), or by sharing extras:

Our immediate goal is to reach 400 Million total School Supplies accumulated. If that goal is reached, Zynga will donate $100,000 towards the construction of L’Ecole de Choix in Haiti. You’ll be able to see how far along we are by this progress bar at the top of the screen below the FarmVille logo:

Click on the Backpack, and then click on Look Inside. This will bring up the Backpack Window, which shows your progress in accumulating School Supplies and has buttons for the Rewards section, a Comparison window with your neighbors, information about the School, and an option to Ask or Buy School Supplies.

The more School Supplies you accumulate, the higher the book stack gets in the Backpack. As you gather more School Supplies you’ll also “graduate” to higher school levels and earn a new title. For instance, starting out with 0 School Supplies you’ll be in the “Pre-School” group.

You can see that you have the option of redeeming School Supplies for some new items (note that this doesn’t take away from the Total amount of School Supplies you’ve acquired). For 10 Supplies you can get this Haiti Flag, for example.

The Comparison screen will let you see how your School Supply acquisition skills compare against your other neighbors:

Clicking on “About the School” will let you know more about the school in Haiti you are helping build:

Sweet Beets for Haiti

The second way you can donate is a little more direct. You can spend Farm Cash to buy a permit to plant a special crop, Sweet Beets, in the Market under Seeds. How much you want to donate is entirely up to you—25, 55 or 240 Farm Cash—you’ll get access to the exact same crop:

As you can see that’s a pretty good crop that doesn’t Wither (and yes it can be Mastered)! You’ll also receive a Sweet Seeds Reward Flag in your Gift Box. 100% of the proceeds donated in this way will go directly towards construction of the school and will be reflected in the Sweet Seeds logo located near the top of the screen. After a week if the Permit expires and if you want to plant more Sweet Seeds you’ll need to buy another Permit.

Want to help Hati now???
Source: Official Zynga Forums


Anonymous said...

thx now i know that it's a complet piece of cr*p... no way i am going to put that on my small farm.

Farmville Cheats said...

It nice work by zynga to make a donation feature but other than Haiti, Pakistan also need the world help of their major flood

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