Sunday, May 2, 2010

FarmVille Trick: How to Add More FarmVille Neighbors?

One of the my most favorite aspects of Zynga's Social Games like FarmVilleFishVilleYoVilleFrontierVilleCafe WorldTreasure Isle is the interaction between friends and neighbors within these games. Most of the experts believe that "Adding More Neighbors" can be considered as the Biggest Social Gaming Trick to progress quickly in the Zynga's Facebook Social Games.
Today I will go through some wonderful ways to add more neighbors in FarmVille and get the maximum out of the game. So here are the Top 5 Methods of adding more neighbors to FarmVille:-
  • Add Neighbors from your Friends List. Invite your Facebook friends to join the neighborhood. Add as many as you possibly can. With a little effort you can find many friends who are already playing FarmVille
  • Recruit New FarmVille Players. You may have to persuade a few of your Facebook Friends to start playing FarmVille.
  • FarmVille Fan Pages. You can search for FarmVille in Facebook to find FarmVille Fan Pages. On these pages, there will be hundreds and thousands of players willing to be added as your neighbor; but you will have to add them as your friend at Facebook as well. So be careful. You may like this one here: FarmVille Fan Group
  • FarmVille Official Forums. You may go to FarmVille Official Forums by clicking the link here and find a thread to add new neighbors at FarmVille. In fact this link will take your directly to "FarmVille: Add Neighbors" sub-forum.
  • Leave Comments on FarmVille Blogs. You can also take some time and leave some comments on blogs or websites with a link to your FarmVille Profile and you will be astonished how many members want to be your neighbors.(In fact you can leave a comment on this post as well)
So here you are with a lot of FarmVille Neighbors and now you can enjoy the game like never before; but remember some tips to get the maximum out of your neighbors.

Leave a comment on this post if you want to find more members to add to your neighborhood in FarmVille.


Anonymous said...

I need more farmvile neighbors please.

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