Sunday, May 2, 2010

FarmVille Trick: How to Get the Maximum from FarmVille Neighbors?

After playing and blogging about various Zynga games, I can easily say that the Best FarmVille Tip is to "Add More Neighbors". In fact you can say that "adding as many neighbors as possible in as little time as possible".

Tips for adding new neighbors and getting the maximum out of it
Here are some 
FarmVille tips for adding new neighbors and getting the maximum out of it:-
  • Use various methods of adding new neighbors : Visit here: Top 5 Ways to Add More FarmVille Neighbors 
  • Stay in touch with neighbors through FarmVille
  • Help them on their farms and they will help you back. Complete friend missions, fertilize their crops, feed their chickens, etc DAILY
  • Send free gifts daily and you will get a lot back
  • Best FarmVille Tip: Add those neighbors who do not have too many neighbors - Since they have less neighbors, they will be forced to send you more gifts and you will also be able to get more items posted by them on Facebook news feed ;)

I hope that these little tips will help you get the maximum from FarmVille.

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