Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unreleased FarmVille Animals - Purple Cow and Purple Calf

Here are some of the new unreleased animals which will soon be making their way to FarmVille ---- well Hopefully.

Image Source:
FarmVille Purple Cow 
FarmVille Purple Calf 
Special thanks to for finding these images

Note: All images are property of Zynga and are hosted on FarmVille Official Servers. We do not claim any of these images to be ours. These items may or may not be released.

Would you like to see purple cow and purple calf on your farm? What do you think they will harvest for? 


Rocky said...

Nice one. That's interesting, looks like the animals are sick. Haha!

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Rocky said...

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Rocky said...

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Rocky said...

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Octav said...


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Ryan said...

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