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Best FarmVille Spring Basket Guide

Have you got the Spring Basket and added it to your farm BUT you are still not using it to the optimum, then here is the best FarmVille Spring Basket Guide brought to you by "Master FarmVille". It will give you detailed in-sight about getting the best out of your basket and make your spring a celebrated one!

It’s springtime! That means you’ve been collecting those Flowers from your Spring Gardens and your neighbors and you’re ready to redeem them for some cool new gifts, right? That’s good, because the Spring Basket is now here!

You’ll get your empty Spring Basket free the first time you play FarmVille after the update, where you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Spring Garden on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later (by switching to the Multi-Tool for instance).

Once the Spring Basket is on the farm you can click on it, then select “Look Inside” to see this window:

The Spring Basket works like many of our other item-gathering style events in FarmVille. You acquire Flowers through various methods, then “Use” them from your Gift Box to place them in your Spring Basket. As you accumulate these Flowers in the Spring Basket you can redeem them for exclusive items.

You can acquire Flowers by:
  • Harvesting your Spring Garden.
  • Requesting Flowers from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for More” button).
  • Receive Flowers from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page (or click on “Send Flowers”).
  • Purchase 5 Flowers at a time by clicking on the “Buy Flowers” button (for 5 Farm Cash).
  • Click on a Spring Basket-related feed from a neighbor.
  • Harvest a neighbor’s Spring Garden.

Here are the five different types of Flowers (note they all count as the same when you put them in the Spring Garden):

As you put the Flowers in your Spring Basket you’ll see the meter on the left fill up. The physical look of the basket also changes as you fill it with wonderful, blooming Flowers.

You can also click on the “Comparison” tab to compare how many Flowers you’ve accumulated with your neighbors.

To get one of the special exclusive prizes, simply click on the “Redeem”
button next to the prize you want—if you have enough Flowers (the available amount of Flowers that is redeemable is at the top of the window, “You have X available to use!”) you’ll be asked to confirm the purchase.

If you hit “Accept” the prize will be stored in your Gift Box and you can share an extra prize with your friends.

Note: Like the Pot of Gold, there will not be a second page of exclusive prizes added. These six items are all that will be available for this event.
Source: Official FarmVille Forums

You can also see some of the glimpses of FarmVille Spring Basket 2010 here:

Hoping that you will enjoy this guide! Did you??

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