Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to Use the Search Feature in FarmVille Market?

Do you know that you can use a search feature to search for your favorite items in the FarmVille Market to find them easily and hassle-free.

Search functionality has been added to the Market and the Gift Box! Now if you need to find something in the Market or the Gift Box, you can just type it in and FarmVille will find it quickly!

As you can see, the Search box is now available in the upper right-hand portion of the Market window:

It’ll always show up there no matter what part of the Market you are currently in. Now just click on the white box, and you’ll see your cursor show up on the left side of the box. Type in something to search for, like “sheep” (you don’t have to press Enter):

As you start putting in letters FarmVille automatically sorts through and finds what you have selected, so you can see the choices narrow as you enter in more letters. When I finished typing “sheep” I came up four items:

So you can see searching in the Market is very simple. This functionality has also been added to the Gift Box, and it works very much the same way. Enjoy!

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