Friday, April 8, 2011

Play or Pause Your Farms in FarmVille

Now you can play both farms at a time but Be Ware that both of your farms will be prone to withering if you do not get back in time. As per official FV forums, the limited release is already available for some members.
Think you can handle the crop cycles and other day-to-day activities of both your Home Farm and your English Countryside farm at the same time? Now you have the option to turn off Pausing for your other farm!

When you travel between to your other farm, you’ll get a pop-up window confirming your travel request (in this example we are moving from the English Countryside to the Home Farm):

Right now Pausing is selected, meaning that when I go to the Home Farm, my English Countryside farm is Paused. If I go back to the English Countryside, my Home Farm will be Paused. At the bottom right there’s a link to “Change Options”. Click on that and you’ll see the Travel Options screen:

As you can see “Pause current farm” is selected. Now, however, you have the option to “Play both farms” meaning crop cycles and other items on a timer (like stables, orchards, etc.) will keep growing no matter which farm you’re on. If you want to do that, click on the option for “Play both farms” and click Save. (If you don’t want to make a change, just leave it the way it is and select Save.)

Back on the original window you’ll now see a change:

Now FarmVille asks if you want to switch farms while reminding you that both farms will continue to grow. Note that you’ll get this travel window every time you travel between your Home Farm and your English Countryside farm. To go ahead and move between farms, select Travel Now! or Cancel to not make the trip just yet.
Source: FarmVille Forums

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