Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enjoy More Than Two Nursery Barns at FarmVille NOW!!

Hi Farmers! 
Now you can have TWO Nursery Barns at your farm instead of one. The news has been announced by Lexilicious on Official FarmVille Forums.

"Hi Farmers,
Since the release of Nursery Barns, a glitch has come to our attention that allows users to have more than one Nursery Barn.
This is not the intended functionality of this feature and the ability to have more than one Nursery is a glitch.
We are intending on fixing this issue in the future, however we have decided to allow users to have the ability to possess two Nursery Barns on their farm. 
Please know that if you continue to take advantage of this glitch and choose to have more than two Nurseries on your farm, you are building at your own risk, as this issue will be addressed in the future. This fix may result in the loss of any Nursery Barns in excess of two. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding with us during this time. 
Happy Farming!"

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