Thursday, June 3, 2010

Latest FarmVille Ribbon Added - CRACKED

FarmVille has added its latest ribbon in tonight's update and it is a FarmVille Cracked Ribbon.
How to get FarmVille Cracked Ribbon quickly?
The fastest way to earn FarmVille Cracked Blue Ribbon is to have more chickens on your farm, thus increasing your chances of finding FarmVille Mystery Eggs.

Requirements for FarmVille CRACKED Ribbon

  • Cracked Yellow Ribbon: Open 5 Mystery Eggs
  • Cracked White Ribbon: Open 25 Mystery Eggs
  • Cracked Red Ribbon: Open 75 Mystery Eggs
  • Cracked Blue Ribbon: Open 150 Mystery Eggs

Do you like FarmVille Cracked Ribbon? Is it a good addition in your opinion or not? I think that at least it is better than the ribbon for FarmVille Mystery Boxes? Isn't it?

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