Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to use New FarmVille Buttons: "Move" and "Recycle"

FarmVille team has made some significant changes in the control panel of the game today. 

Apart from moving all the vehicles in one tab, they have introduced two new tools - "Move" and "Recycle" tools.
  • How FarmVille Move Tool Works? 
    • The new FarmVille Move tool can prove very useful in quick decoration and redecoration of your farm. 
    • Just click on the FarmVille Move Tool (Hand) to enter Decoration Mode. When in this mode, you will be able to move items with a single click.
    • The best thing about Move tool is that You can now move planted farms as well, which was not possible previously.
    • When using the Move tool, you can use the space bar to rotate selected items (Only those items which are rotatable) when they are being held.
    • To drop an item, it must first be placed in a valid new location.
  • How FarmVille Recycle Tool Works?
    • FarmVille Recycle Tool can be used to delete different items quickly. It can be found in Multi Tool Menu in bottom right side of your game screen.
    • FarmVille Recycle Tool quickly deletes the items with zero value and sells items with coin value.
    • FarmVille Recycle Tool with confirm before the deletion of any item. In addition, the Recycle tool includes a "Quick Delete" mode. Quick delete will not warn you about selling or deleting any object worth less than 1,000 coins that is not a limited edition item when enabled.
In my opinion, FarmVille Move and Recycle Tools will prove extremely helpful to players who love to decorate their farms using hundreds of hay bales and fences; But extreme caution must be taken while using these tools.
Do you like these new tools? Which tool do you prefer? 

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