Sunday, June 6, 2010

FarmVille Farmer looking for a Farmer Wife ;)

Hi Farmers!
I just came across a nice post on a German FarmVille Blog "FarmVille Mania" and thought that you may like it too. I have translated the original post from German and amended it some how, so please excuse me if there are an mistakes. ;)

Farmville's neighbors looking for? You are not the only one ...
It has got around: Few neighbors - not a big plantation (or only with expensive Farmville dollars).Thus, the successful farmer of today need as many neighbors in Farmville, as possible. We help you! Do you find new Facebook friends and neighbors to expand your farm? No problem now - With a simple sentence here in the comments, you can find more FarmVille neighbors. You can post your first and last name or post a direct link to your profile for finding new friends in your neighborhood which are FarmVille Lovers and can send you gifts everyday.
So, leave a comment here and find NEW FarmVille Neighbors .....

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