Saturday, June 19, 2010

FarmVille Unreleased Levels beyond Level 90

Here is a sneak peak into Unreleased FarmVille Levels beyond the presently released Top Level 90.
FV is expected to release MORE LEVELS in very near future. The names of the next 10 Levels are:-
Level 91: Veni Vidi Agri
Level 92: Incomparable Farmer
Level 93: Soil Savant
Level 94: Farm Overlord
Level 95: Stellar Farmer
Level 96: Transcendent Tiller
Level 97: Universal Farmer
Level 98: Paragon Farmer
Level 99: Epic Farmer
Level 100: Omnipotent Agriculturalist
Source: FarmVille Code Hunters

Note: These levels may or may not be released.

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Happy Farming!

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