Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Plantation Released or Not???

FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Expansion seems to hhave gone mad. It is showing strange and weird behaviour as of this time. Although FarmVille announced in the recent podcast that FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Expansion will soon be released and with yesterday's update, it seems to be in line for a release but still there have been strange instances reported here.
Although it was previously rumored that FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Expansion will be available for 600,000 coins for a farmer having 60 or more neighbors or for 60 FVs from FarmVille Market,
strangely enough, farmers have been receiving offers to buy FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Expansion for a price varying from 35 FVs to 50 FVs and so far there seems to be NO option to purchase it with coins. See below:-

For those of the farmers who can see it available for purchase by Farm Cash, it is still NOT AVAILABLE and when some one tries to buy it, the following pop up shows:-

So, what do you think:
  • Will you upgrade your farm to FarmVille 24x24 Mighty Expansion if you have to do it by using Farm Cash?
  • Or will you be able to live with your old-fashioned and small FarmVille 22x22 farm?


Christian said...

Probably some simple marketing gag.
I will totally get myself the 24x24 expansion, even for Farmville cash. Gonna hijack my Paypal for that. :D

Cheema said...

Yup! Probably you are right. It can be a pathetic marketing trick. I would love to wait for a couple of days before I spend my hard-earned money on Expansion 24x24. I am sure that it will be available for coins as well...... At least that's what I can wish for :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely refuse to use real money to play Farmville and I really wish other people would as well. I love this game, but I can't afford to spend money on it. It's ridiculous.

Kasinath said...

Hi all, become fan of farmville application. I became farmville fan and expanded to 24 x 24 with 500,000 coins.

farmville said...

With all of these glitches, I am going to wait until I expand.

Cheema said...

I am absolutely loving the Farmville expansion 24x24. In fact, I am already looking forward to FarmVille Expansion 26x26 or may be 48x48. With all these huge buildings coming every day, I need a huge place to accommodate them. What do others say?

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