Saturday, January 9, 2010

FarmVille New Flower Crop - Morning Glory

FarmVille's latest crop is a new Flower Crop named Morning Glory. Since it is a flower crop so it gives Perfect Bunches and is attributable towards FarmVille Flower Power Ribbon.

It is the first Flower crop which can be harvested in less than 1 day. FarmVille Morning glory becomes ready for harvesting in 12 hours only and thus gives 1 XP only.

FarmVille Morning Glory can be planted by farmers with level 13 or above. Seeds of FarmVille Morning Glory can be bought for 60 coins from FarmVille Market and each field yields 123 coins on harvesting.
FarmVille Morning Glory Mastery requires the following:-
1st Star level mastery requires 500 fields
2nd Star level mastery requires 1000 fields
3th Star level mastery requires 1500 fields
Total fields required for achieving FarmVille Morning Glory mastery : 3000 fields

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