Sunday, January 31, 2010

FarmVille Cute Colt - Coming Soon

With the invasion of Horse Fever at FarmVille, there are also news that a beautiful, adorable and cute FarmVille Colt will also be making an appearance at the farm soon.
It is still unclear whether it will be born inside the Horse Stable like the colorful baby calfs or it will be a Lost animal like many others including Ugly Ducklings, turtles, etc.
You can read more about the FarmVille Horse Stable and Unreleased FarmVille Horses by clicking on the links here.
Anyways it is beautiful and definitely CUTE......
What do you think? How do you want it to make its appearance??? Any Bright Ideas are Welcome .... :)
Do you want them to have some colorful colts as well???


Margaret said...

They are so cute!! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

how are people getting the pinto horses?

Cheema said...

FarmVille Colt will definitely be a lovely addition to the long list of FarmVille Animals. I want them ASAP!

Cheema said...

FarmVille Colts are coming soon alongwith different breeds of FarmVille Puppies or FarmVille Dogs. Stay Tuned!

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