Sunday, January 31, 2010

FarmVille Email Updates give you an Exclusive Reward

FarmVille has introduced another way to get the latest FarmVille Updates as soon as they are implemented.
And yes! This time the updates will be delivered right to your Email Inbox.

Now you can sign up for FarmVille Email Updates..... and get the updates, rewards, alerts and all other important information inside your Mail Box.
By signing up for the FarmVille Email Updates, you will also get a beautiful FarmVille Decoration named FarmVille Carrier Pigeons.

Although "FarmVille Carrier Pigeons" contain a new FarmVille Bird (Pigeon) but like FarmVille Owls, it is only a decoration item. The FarmVille Pigeons can not be harvested for anything but they do offer a "FLY" function, similar to the FarmVille Owls.

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