Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Animals in New Mystery Boxes

FarmVille will soon be releasing Never-Before-Seen Animals in FarmVille for the lovely farmers. In the recent podcast released on 8 Jan 2010, the FarmVille community Manager Lexilicious has announced,
Keep on the look-out for new mystery animals. Mystery animals are in new type of Mystery Box that contain animals that have never before been seen in FarmVille.

So what do you think these animals will be?? Can we expect the farmVille Farmer to open a Mystery Box and find a Lion inside? May be cubs will do :)

Check out some other details on soon-to-come FarmVille General Purpose Buildings, including FarmVille Post Office, FarmVille General Store and a cool new feature to do SOMETHING with your UNWANTED items.

1 comment:

Vero said...

I got a peacock!

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