Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Chest contains ........................

If you are fed up of stupid FarmVille Mystery Boxes, then now FarmVille has something magnificent to offer. A FarmVille Mystery Chest is the latest addition and it contains only the VERY BEST of the contents of the older FarmVille Mystery Boxes.

And Yes, FarmVille Donkey is also back ..... Yuppy!!! The pop up announcing the arrival of FarmVille Mystery Chest says, "New Best of Mystery Chest! We've loaded up today's new Mystery Chest with some of the best items from past Mystery Boxes".
And when FarmVille says "Best Items" they really mean it ........

The complete list of Mystery Prizes from FarmVille Mystery Chest include:-
  • Donkey + 500 XP
  • Golden Fountain + 450 XP
  • Platinum Gnome + 400 XP
  • Rock Stream + 400 XP
  • Stone Well + 350 XP
  • Sneaky Crow
  • Hot Tub


Anonymous said...

How do you USE the mystery boxes???

Anonymous said...

How do you USE the Mystery Boxes>>> ????

Cheema said...

There are two types of Mystery Boxes.
The first type is purchasable from FarmVille Market and you can buy it for FV Farm Cash. The second type is a FarmVille Mystery Gift and you can get it from your friends as a gift.

After getting both of these Mystery Items you have to put them somewhere on your farm. Then click on the Mystery Box and hit "Open". The content of the Mystery Box can then be found inside your FarmVille Gift Box
Remember to keep some spare space inside your Gift Box before opening your Mystery Boxes.

I hope that it will be of some help to you.

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