Friday, January 15, 2010

FarmVille Jackalope: The most-profitable FarmVille Mystery Animal

FarmVille Mystery Animal Crates contain one of the five mystery animals. One of the newest and strangest of these new arrivals of FarmVille is the cute FarmVille Jackalope. He looks so lost in his thoughts and of course seems naughty. It looks to be a mixed breed of a rabbit and an antelope. What do you say?

You can buy the FarmVille Mystery Animal Crates for 20 FV and get this innocent FarmVille Jackalope. FarmVille Jackalope gives 700 XPs on purchase and can be harvested after every 2 days to get "Jackalope Hair" for 350 105 coins (As amended later on by FarmVille Management). The 700 XPs make FarmVille Jackalope to be the most-profitable animal in entire Farm.

FarmVille Jackalope is an EXCLUSIVE animal and cannot be found anywhere else on the game but inside a Limited Edition FarmVille Mystery Animal Crate/Box.

To see other FarmVille Mystery Animals, Click on FarmVille Mystery Animal Crates.


Anonymous said...

The info on the jackalope is incorrect. I have three of them and they only produce 105 coins every so often.
regards ed.

Cheema said...

Thanks Ed!
I intended to correct the information much earlier but overlooked it. Jackalope was initially intended to give 350 coins on every collection but later it was changed to 105 coins by the FarmVille Gods. The change was made even after the launch of Jackalope. By giving 700 XPs, it still remains the most-profitable animal.

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